Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

Craven Nature Trail

Dick's Pond - Judy Rawson

Craven Nature Trail - Twisted Tree Stump with Moss

Headquarters - Hornet Nest

Headquarters - Gold Tree

Sandy Creek Trail

Chickasaw Capitol - Imailthi Beka - Vietnam War Vet

Today I picked up Judy Rawson (fellow volunteer) at West Burns Run campground and we went to Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to visit the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge south of town. The 16,464-acre refuge, established in 1946, is managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. It is situated on the Lake Texoma Cumberland Pool and the Washita River runs through it. Dense hard-wood forests cover much of the refuge. It is a wintering place for waterfowl on the Central Flyway. Hundreds of white-tailed deer, as well as numerous other animals and birds, live here year round.

Part of this land was once the Roxie A. Chapman Estate (Washita Farms), where crops, hogs, chickens and turkeys were raised. There were 53 residences, a brick school, frame church, silos and a store. Concrete remnants of these can be seen throughout the refuge. Some of them were submerged when Lake Texoma was created by the Denison Dam.

Judy and I walked the Craven and Big Sandy Creek nature trails. We also took the board walk to Dick’s Pond, which is off Craven Nature Trail. The moderate temperature was ideal for this excursion. At times the wind was a bit strong, especially out in the open. We hardly felt the wind inside the forests, though. Because of the changing weather we didn’t see very many birds. However, we enjoyed our visit anyway. (

Then we went into town to eat a rather late lunch at the Subway Shop, courtesy of Judy. We split a foot-long ham and Jack cheese sub, which was very tasty. Then we walked across the street to a beauty shop to see if we could get haircuts because we saw three hairdressers sitting outside. Apparently, they weren’t interested in our business, though, because they made excuses for why they couldn’t take us in at that time.

We decided to visit the Chickasaw National Capitol and the museum next door. I had visited them several weeks ago but Judy hadn’t seen them. At the Capitol there was an exhibit of Chickasaw portraits, which were not there at my last visit.

Before leaving town, we stopped at the Diary Queen for ice cream cones. Then we headed back to West Burns Run. I stayed a little while to visit with David and Judy and their neighbors, Glen and Bobbie Whermann. They gave me ‘grand tours’ of their rigs and then I headed across the dam to my own rig. It was already nearly dark by then.

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