2008 Ashore...but not for long travel blog

At anchor Black Point Settlement

Laundermat with ChapterIII

View of ChapterIII while doing wash

Lorraine's for dinner


Diving for conch

David Copperfield's private island

Cave Rock

The first order of business at Black Point has always been the laundry. We anchored near the single pier in back of the two story building that housed the token operated facility and soon dinghied in.with a full load. Recall that most of Bill’s hanging closet had undergone a salt water treatment. Jean scrambled up the slippery ladder and the bundle was soon churning away toward the spin cycle. In talking to the proprietress, she complained about the broken plastic chair that she was sitting on. Now, we just happened to have a solution in the form of one of our favorite wood and leather chairs that had suffered a crash during heavy weather. And finally collapsed during a game of Mexican Train a few days prior. Not inclined to undertake the carpentry work to rectify the three cracked legs ourselves. Miss Ida quickly agreed to take the chair to the local fix-it man, Darryl. In no time she was sitting pretty on a throne of sorts of Spanish modern origin. Jean spent the early afternoon doing laundry and trading books while Bill returned to putter on the boat. She also got all the local gossip that abounds in places like the laundromat.

That evening we joined six other cruisers at Lorraines for a wonderful meal cooked up by the lady herself and her mother. The mom also has a talent with pastries and produced some really good cinnamon/raison bread that would serve well for our breakfasts in the week ahead. Dinner came in the form of limited numbers of fish, pork or ribs, all served with the traditional peas and rice and veggies. The ladies of the table were the servers and clean up went to the menfolk. This proved to be a great gathering place and a time to share sea stories. It was practically full, providing free internet and all the water you could carry back to the boat.

On Saturday morning we slipped anchor early and moved south on the inside. We are still experiencing pretty stiff seas outside. Our next stop in the mid morning was a quiet cove just off Musha Cay. After anchoring, we were informed that the island was privately owned by David Copperfield of the Vegas stage. His home sits perched on the high ground with lots of guest cottages and beach huts. He has even blocked off a large area restricted for swimming so that finding an unincumbered anchorage near the beach was difficult. We got as close as possible, and pulled out the binoculars to see who was about. A fellow cruiser warned us that the area was patrolled and anyone who got into the huge “swimming area” would be asked to disappear by Mr Copperfield. This sort of privatization is taking up a lot of the normally ideal cruising ground here in the Bahamas. That afternoon Bill went forth to some un-owned islands and returned with several conch. They were far easier to collect, than to coax out of their shells, but he persisted. The rest of our stay was quite peaceful and we slept well after canapes and wine aboard Sea Dancer.

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