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Georgette with part of Miami in back

Sloop goes out of Bay

me & Biscayne Point Lighthouse

Stilt City used to be stores!

Gette had the day off today and wanted to wind surf, so I went to watch. It was a beautiful day for it – sunny and breezy! I enjoyed watching her, but it didn’t make me develop a desire to take up the sport. It’s hard to hold up the sail, dunks in the water come often, and I’d still rather be on the water, not in it.

I watched a sloop go by. It was supposed to be a replica of those ships that served in the underground railroad for those runaway slaves getting to the end of the peninsula by Miami. The ships transported them to islands that were accepting them – the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti. Slaves took off in canoes and almost anything that floated!

Gette and I went to the end of the land – Bill Baggs State Park. There, we went up close to the Florida Cape Lighthouse, even though it was closed at the time. Once the lighthouse was built, in 1825, the passageway for runaways was blocked. Gette also explained the structures out in the water – there used to be a “stilt” city with stores for people to boat to and shop!

Next on the agenda for the day was a walk down a dirt road to find a letterbox. We were checking out the clues where we thought it should be and we both closed in on the suspected tree at the same time. I think she saw the box before I did, but it was fun showing her how I stamp into the logbook left by the planter and put their stamp’s imprint into my logbook of letterbox finds. This is a good hobby, I think!

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