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More desertscape

Really Big Poplar!

One of a half dozen tea sets

Dining room ceiling

Scotty's Castle

Anybody wonder what a mile is? It occurred to me today that a mile horizontally is very little, but a mile vertical is a big deal. Rising or falling less than a mile in altitude changes the climate a huge amount! We dropped about 3000 feet from Utah to Las Vegas, and the ice and snow disappeared, and we took off heavy jackets. We dropped about 2000 feet into Death Valley, and the temperature rose about 10 degrees. We went back to Death Valley today to see Scotty's Castle. Quite a story! A con man sells a rich guy, Albert Johnson, shares in a non-existent gold mine, is found out, and then is befriended by the mark, who builds the "castle" pictured, and allows the con man to claim it as his own. He does so in public, but really doesn't even live there. He lives down the road on a ranch, also owned by the rich guy. Go figure! On tomorrow to the Palm Springs area, where we think we'll spend about two weeks, then off the Chula Vista. Chuck & Jan

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