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A quieter day than yesterday. There was some climbing at the beginning but after that we descended to a plain at about 150m altitude and stayed there. There was even a very straight road for a long way. It was our hottest day yet with temperatures getting up to 40 degrees C (very hot in old money). It was very wearing as a result. We almost ran out of local money as petrol stations would accept neither credit cards nor dollars – the first time that has happened consistently. We helped each other out and eventually found both a petrol station that took dollars and a bank (air conditioned).

The day was punctuated by a ferry crossing of a river and a visit to Flores. The latter is a small island in a lake which is covered by a town. It is linked to the bank by a causeway. We drove over, parked the car and had a drink while Robin took an access panel off the car in order to allow more air to circulate around the engine. Then we visited the small and quite plain cathedral which was decorated in yellow and white fabric and scented flowers (not identified) for the Assumption. We walked most of the way around the rest of the island admiring the painted houses before succumbing to the temptation of an ice cream.

El Remate was not much further and we enjoyed swims in the hotel swimming pool (too hot) and the lake (slightly cooler). We had dinner with David and Jenny Brayshaw. David celebrated his birthday yesterday. Today in Flores we found a small model of a local bus with luggage on top to give him so we celebrated his birthday a date late.

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