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Hoover Dam

Early evening Oak Creek, Sedona

Hoover Dam looking very Dr. Who

Up with a bit of a hangover, breakfast and off. Really, as its Vegas, one should be waking up at five in the afternoon feeling like death, with a coke-encrusted nose and two underage hookers in the bed, but as this was a coupley do, we were up by eight and drinking orange juice. Needless to say, many people were already gambling hard (or still gambling?), though perhaps as it was only 7 a.m. none of the entertainment had started yet. Las Vegas is certainly unique, the only place I can think of that even has echoes of it (that I know) is Bangkok. Definitely a must-see for the experience all-in-all, before Allah and Jehovah stop fighting long enough to agree to nuke it.

So we drove out of Vegas, and off over the Hoover Dam. It was interesting, but not quite as impressive as I think we had both hoped. Then a lot more driving, via lunch in a classic Route 66 Diner somewhere.

Now here we are back in Sedona again, getting our auras cleansed after the Las Vegas experience. We had just enough time before dark for a quick walk up Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona and very picturesque. we have a nice motel, with great views and a huge bathroom and balcony We had a Mexican meal for dinner, and followed that with drinking on the balcony.

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