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Santa Workshop with Sue and Terry

Extreme House Makeover House

North Pole Post Office

Sue's Mosquito

Knotty Mosquito

Pipeline Crossing Tanana River

Fur Trader

End of the Alcan

Thursday was a day just to relax and take care of some chores. All morning was spent doing laundry. It had not been done for two weeks. The afternoon was for bike rides and cleaning up. It was another great day. We did have a rain shower during the evening. The showers are a big help with keeping the forest fires under control.

Friday finally left Fairbanks. First stop was at North Pole. Everyone has to stop at Santa Claus House. In North Pole it is Christmas all year long. We had to get our pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. If you watch Extreme House Makeover, then you may remember there was a show in North Pole. We drove by the house and took some pictures. We were told it was for a family of 13. Their original house was a very small cabin (15 X 20). We found it interesting that there are other housed in the immediate area that are nearly as large. Most homes were also in good conditions.

The Oil pipeline crosses the Tanana River right by the road. Naturally we had to take pictures. There was a Fur trader who was selling pelts. He looked to be a Native of Alaska, however.

It was then on to Delta Junction to the mother of all Mosquitoes at the visitor center. By the way Delta Junctions is the official end of the Alaska Highway. We finally made it by going the long way around.

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