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Hi Country RV Home for the Montana

Tim at the World's Smallest Desert

Lake Bennett at Carcross, BC

The Skagway River from the Train--See the Low Clouds

Brief View of the Train Along the Tracks

Susan In Skagway Park

Skagway's Main Street

An Unusual Store Front

Skagway Flower Gardens

A Lake in British Columbia on the Road to Whitehose, Yukon

Just Another Beautiful View

We signed up for an all day trip back to Alaska today--that is we were going by bus and train to Skagway. The bus picked us up at the RV Park around 8AM and we were off. Another couple from the park joined the group for the trip. The drive to Fraser, British Columbia to get on the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad was a very pleasant surprise. The driver narrated the drive and we stopped at several spots to see the sights including the World's smallest desert and at Carcross.

At Carcross (this is shortened from Cariboo Crossing) we were at the head waters of Lake Bennett that the Stampeders used to reach the Klondike gold fields in 1898-99. Most of those gold seekers who came this route never found any gold at Dawson City because the good mines were already claimed.

We got on the Railroad at Fraser, BC and road the 28 miles down from the summit to Skagway. Unfortunately, the clouds obscured alot of the route but we did get to see a few signts. Skagway is really a small town with only 850 permanent citizens. When 6 or so cruise ships hit town, the population swells to 12,000 or more. Fortunately for us only 1 ship was visitsing so the crowds were relatively small. The town has 47 jewelry stores that become evident as you walk down the 3 or 4 streets and jewelry stores are everywhere. I can't figure out the connection between Skagway and all the jewelry stores.

So we joined the cruise ship folks in town. We had lunch at the Red Onion a retired brothel! Then walked the streets for a little window shopping before heading back on the bus. The bus ride to Whitehorse was really spectacular because the clouds had lifted over alot of the route home and the lakes and mountains were really beautiful. We got home around 7PM and after a light supper, we had time to get the laundry done. That means Sunday is open to what ever we want to do. By the way the weather is in the low 70's during the day and we wake up each morning to temps in the upper 40's. Next week the weather is predicted to be cooler--looks like fall is coming to the Yukon.

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