Mexico Bound - Winter 2007 travel blog

While we're not sure why the recent death of President Ford interrupted mail delivery yesterday, we hung around today to get one more batch. The trailer was out of our driveway within the 24 hour time limit specified by our association rules and it felt good to hit the road. This time of year it can be tough to find a place to camp in Illinois because most campgrounds are closed for the winter, but we're in a convenient spot half a mile off the interstate. The campground owner has an ingenious system to prevent his water faucets from freezing. They are covered with buckets which contain powerful lights. The sun goes down so early we arrived here in the dark and the lit buckets kept us on track and their heat is keeping the water flowing. Looking around at all the crushed trees, it is easy to imagine the horrible ice storms central Illinois had in December that kept the region without electricity for over a week. We're looking forward to some reasonably priced gas in Missouri tomorrow...

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