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Hwy 71 south of Joplin, MO

One of the more level places

Wanderlust RV Park

Marilyn relaxing

Pickin' & Grinnin'

Another group

More musicians

Another group

Keyboard joined the group

Music fills the air

Taken from back of our rig

Close quarters

Yesterday began in a wonderfully relaxed manner. We shared our morning coffee before getting dressed. After all, we were in no hurry. We had only about 100 miles to travel to reach Eureka Springs, and it was a four lane highway as far as Rogers, AR. From there it was straight east on Hwy 62. No problem! Ha!

Our good friend, Sherry, called while I was in the process of hooking up to leave. She was on her way back to San Antonio and was just passing the exit to Carthage, MO. She was only 6 miles away from us. She had many miles to travel so she couldn't stop, but she wanted to say hello. She is a special lady.

Marilyn and I were on the road again by 10 minutes before 10:00 AM. The highway was smooth and traffic was fairly light.

Things changed before we reached Bentonville, Arkansas. There was a stoplight every mile or less and we hit most of them on red. I had been getting 10.9 mpg but that soon changed. With all the stop and go traffic, my miles per gallon began to drop. Then we came up on a traffic jam. We crawled along, stopping and crawling, alternately, for two or three miles. Then we began to move better and saw the reason for the slow traffic. A Semi sat beside the highway hooked up behind a wrecker.

Right after that we reached the intersection of 71 and 62 where we turned east toward Eureka Springs. What a road to pull our fifth wheel over! A two lane blacktop with curves, twists and turns, up and down over hill and dale, with speed limits as low as 15 mph on some of the curves. Our truck did well with my eyes on the gauges part of the time.

We reached our destination, Wanderlust RV Park, by 12:30. A quick and easy check in process was followed by an escort showing us to our site. This park is very neat and clean, on top of a hill, with pine trees dotted on all sides of us. The sites are gravel and close together, but are level and there are no sites in front of, or behind us.

We were hooked up to our utilities in no time, with the RV level and chocked, but I needed to back the truck a fraction of an inch to make the fifth wheel release so we could pull the truck away from the RV. That is when we had the very first problem with our truck. It would not start. I tried numerous times with no luck. I called Ford and they were no help. It was no problem if I needed a jump, or needed fuel, or something like that, but a mechanic to talk with was out of the question. They did give me the phone number of the nearest Ford dealer, so I called them. I finally spoke to a mechanic and he made several suggestions but none helped. Then suddenly the truck started. Just as if everything was normal. Go figure.

I have no idea what the problem was but everything is fine now. A frustrating event but now all is well.

We have our house all set up and are enjoying this place very much. There are maybe 30 or more RV's here with musicians getting together. They sit outdoors playing guitars, fiddles, banjos, bass, and other string instruments. I have also seen a keyboard and a steel guitar. The music is country swing or bluegrass mostly, with some Cajun and reminds us of walking around in "Silver Dollar City" where the air is filled with that type of music.

We sat in our lounge chairs with a cold drink, a cool breeze wafting across our faces, and soft music filling the air. I mean to tell you, it was wonderful and extremely relaxing.

Marilyn and I walked up to a shelter where there were seven guys playing and singing together. We watched each guy sing in turn, as they all played, laughed and joked and made it obvious that they were delighted to have an audience. Everyone had a good time.

I was thinking how blessed our lives have been by this RV experience. We just happened on this event by accident but if we were not RV'ers we would never have known it was going on, let alone being in on it.

Last night there were nice campfires burning all around the park with musicians sitting around the fires playing and singing. Only one group had an amp so it was very peaceful and enjoyable.

I have many pictures to post for you, but my computer isn't reading the chip this morning. I will get them for you as soon as I can figure out the problem.

We have started a grocery list and will do some shopping today. I want to cook some meat & veggies on the grill tonight. I'll keep you posted.

It is time for coffee. I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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