Drove from Homer back up the Sterling Highway and decided to stop again at Portage Glacier area because no other site along the road was quite good enough for Yukon Bob. However, once again, this site was spectacular with some interesting adventures. We parked at a pull-out along the road alongside of Alder Pond, a glacier fed pond at the foot of another spectacular large hanging valley glacier.

When we got to the turn-out, I decided to take a photo of the mule next to the pond with the glacier behind him because the weather was threatening - starting to drizzle and the clouds were very dark and hanging over the mountains. It was also quite cold and windy. I positioned the mule next to the woods to keep it from blowing over in the wind. Heard some rustling but figured it was a squirrel and then went in to make dinner. Bob decided to clean off the bugs from the windshield; a nightly chore. Dixie went with him.

All of a sudden, Dixie got "alert" and started sniffing the air and seemed agitated. Bob turned around and strolling from the same spot I had just been, was a black bear. Bob had enough time to collect Dixie and get into the coach and grab the camera while the bear strolled over to the pick-up truck, sniffed a little and then casually walked onto the hiking trail we had planned to walk that evening. Needless to say, we bagged the hike and decided it really was time to buy some bear spray (pepper spray).

Then, while I was updating the website, I looked outside and saw a lovely rainbow hanging over the river that ran on the other side of the road from where we were parked. Jumped out of the coach and took some photos while keeping a sharp eye and ear out for any suspicious sights and noise. They say you can smell a bear before you see it, but you can't prove that by us.

Think it's time to buy some bear spray.

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