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Tabasco plant

gathering on Betty's patio

Richard's for seafood

March 13 - We got back on the I-10 heading east. The road isn't in great shape and there is some construction, but nothing that was hair-raising.

Passing by Lake Charles there was a huge refinery belching smoke and steam. With an overcast day the clouds of smoke just hung around making it almost dark. Once past the area the sun came out and then we went through sections of rain and sun until the sun finally won out.

Our route to Abbeville took us through the pretty town of Crowley (I hope I get back there to take a picture of a particularly beautiful Victorian house) and then on the outskirts started the rice fields - whole huge fields of flooded land. The rice is seeded and fertilized by plane, and makes up one of the major crops in Louisiana. In off years the fields are used to raise crawfish (a fact that has left me a bit ambivalent towards eating them).

After wending our way through the town of Abbeville, where the highway circles the courthouse! we finally found Betty's RV park, and were warmly welcomed by Betty herself. Already we could feel we would enjoy our stay here and booked in for 3 nights. Abbeville is in the heart of Cajun country and we are looking forward to sampling some of the great food.

We got settled, and left to wash the very dirty car (result of light rain and dusty roads). The coin wash ate 8 of Mike's quarters before deciding to jam up, so we had to go to another booth and start again. Wouldn't you know another light shower and a dirt road followed the car wash?

We drove to Avery Island to tour the Tabasco factory. Although all the peppers are no longer grown there, the ones for seed are. The tour ended at the company store which was very well stocked with their product and related items.

Back at Betty's we joined the rest of her guests under her patio before going out for supper, this time at Richard's (French pronunciation) where Mike had fried shrimp and I had a half and half of fried crawfish and crawfish etoufee (the etoufee was definitely superior).

Our WiFi isn't working! Betty has it, but we don't get it. Grrrr. A phone call to Alan resulted in him be flummoxed as well, and our only option is to take the computer to a shop in the morning. It should be something simple, but darned if we know what it is.

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