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Florence sunset (or the world is coming to an end)

Well, with the business of losing internet at our apartment, it has taken me forever to update this website, but it is funally done. We have been back from our fabulous Greek adventure now for 2 weeks, and I think I have finally readjusted to Florence. We haven't really done anything exciting- last weekend we needed a rest after vacation, so we stayed inFlorence to veg. We just decided, however, that we would like to visit Milan and Lake Como this weekend. We are leaving Saturday morning, going to see what Milan has to offer, and then depending on hostels we will either stay overnight or take the train to Lake Como and stay there. Then all of Sunday will (hopefully) be spent enjoying the scenery, and actually getting to experience Autumn! (There aren't really a lot of trees or much grass in Florence, so we haven't really gotten to see the changing of the leaves, etc)

We did, however, celebrate Halloween in style, with a few of the girls in our program throwing a party at their apartment Monday night. (Nov. 1st is a holiday here- All Saints Day- so no school on Tuesday!) There are no costume shops that pop up just in time, like in the States, so we kind of had to wing it, but it turned out well. Anna and Sarah were Italian punks, I dressed up as Cal, Cal was dressed as a female salsa dancer, Marie was a hippie, Jen was a vampire, Frank was Tom Cruise from Risky Business, Nader was Brian, etc. It was a lot of fun, but didn't really compare to Halloween at home (no candy or trick-or-treating, for one)!

As for school, all is still going well. I got an A on my italian quiz yesterday, and Anna and I just bought a book called The Clash of Civilizations, which we are doing a book report on in International Business. We are starting Italian Fashion next week in Life & Culture, and one of the first things we are doing is going to visit the Ferragamo Museum. Of course, our trip to Milan should be a good lesson, as well!

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