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Travel Day Again! We were up at 5:00 and shared our coffee as we talked about the things we needed to do in order to be back on the road by our planned 8:00 AM departure. As soon as it was light enough outdoors, I was out in the 29 degree temperature getting ready to go. The hardest part was rolling up a 50 foot water hose and the power cord. The water hose ended up all over the basement storage bay as it refused to remain coiled in any normal manner. The power cord was stiff from the cold temperatures and difficult to coil and stow in the small compartment where it belongs. Several of our friends have the reels and only have to push a button to stow the power cord. One of those reels might be a great tool for a water hose too.

We had the car connected and rolled out of the campground right at 8:00 as planned. Denny & Jackie were waiting at our pre-arranged meeting spot as we passed by right on time. They pulled out and followed us until we stopped for fuel in Lebanon, Missouri. They were right behind us again until I took a wrong turn and ended up going the wrong direction. I deserved the heat and harassment I endured for that error.

We had a delay of about 30 minutes between Springfield and Joplin, Missouri, due to construction but were all set up before 3:00 at the Coachlight RV Park near Carthage.

Jackie had selected a really good Mexican Restaurant in Carthage and we all enjoyed a great meal there. Now we are ready for the evening and another fine day in the company of our friends Denny & Jackie, as we continue toward our winter digs in Mission, Texas. Life is Good!

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