Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

We left Estes Park this morning with the intention of going to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Unfortunately for me, my rig developed a problem on the way out of the mountains. I had been very careful not to use my brakes except when absolutely necessary. I knew that I should use a lower gear to slow down on curves and downgrades. At 40-45 mph my whole motorhome would begin to shudder and when I applied the brakes, it would pull to the right. In the mountains it wasn’t noticeable until I got to the section where I could drive faster. I stopped to check the tires but didn’t see anything wrong, so I thought maybe it was caused by rough places in the road. When I arrived in Loveland, though, I knew that road conditions were not the cause of the problem.

This problem is like the one I had back in October in Fort Worth. However, it had not happened again until now. I should have had it checked then, even though the problem had stopped. I had believed it to be a fluke at that time.

When I got to Loveland, I decided to stay until I could get help. I stopped at the Loveland RV Resort and called Good Sam Emergency Road Service. They contacted a certified tech in Denver, who suspected that the problem may be with the bearings, and he did not feel comfortable working on it for a gasoline-powered vehicle. (He specializes in diesel engines.) I decided to take it to the local Ford dealer Monday morning. I’m just thankful that I arrived in Loveland safely.

Barb went on to Cheyenne. I will catch up with her later either in Cheyenne or in Cody, depending on how long it takes to complete the repairs.


Route: Peak View Drive => CO 7 N => US 34 E to Loveland, CO

Total Miles Driven: 44

Weather Conditions: Sunny and dry

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Loveland RV Resort (

Park Conditions: Good. Close to I-25. Helpful staff.

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