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Marilyn & I had only a bit over 3 hours to travel today so we took our time getting ready to go. It was easy to leave a bit after 8:00 AM and a nice trip. I was so happy to hear Marilyn say, when she first caught sight of the mountains and Pike’s Peak, “I’m in my Happy Place again”.

We pulled in at Mountaindale RV Resort around 11:20 AM and were greeted by Jesse & Ginger. We exchanged hugs and visited until we finally decided we had better get checked in and get things set up in our Site #82.

We completed the basics and left some of the chores for tomorrow, because we were invited to Jesse & Ginger’s place for a cold drink and a late lunch/early dinner. We enjoyed every minute with these good friends. The conversation flowed easily but was interrupted by the excitement of having a bear across the road. The bear was under an RV but was soon chased off by some of the staff here. A Ranger was returning around 4:00 with a cage and a tranquilizer to re-locate the bear.

Another wildlife adventure surprised us as we were sharing our meal. A rustle sound caused me to turn around just in time to catch sight of a deer which ran through the Site only a foot or so behind Jesse and I. Marilyn and Ginger were seated on the other side of the table so they had a great view of the surprise visit by the deer.

That excitement didn’t deter from the wonderful meal prepared by Ginger. I have to say that I ate two of the best taco’s I have ever had the pleasure of eating. She had all of the wonderful “fixin’s” to make them absolutely perfect, even jalapenos which she knows we like so much. Thank you, dear friends for making our arrival so wonderful.

Life is Good!

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