Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning I called T-Mobile to order a new phone and to verify the number of remaining minutes. They needed the original 4-digit PIN for when I had set up my account back in April 2008. Unfortunately, I do not remember that number. I called Bill at Wireless Toyz in Austin, who had set up the account, to see whether they kept a record of it. They did not. If I can’t remember that PIN, I will lose those 363 minutes!

While I was talking with Bill, I ordered the phone from him. He shipped it via over-night delivery to the campground in Cody where I will be day after tomorrow. I had already called the campground to make sure they would accept such a delivery.

Then I contacted T-Mobile customer service again via Chat. They cannot (will not?) e-mail my PIN nor help me reset it. I'll have to go to a T-Mobile store and show photo ID in order to reset it and transfer my unused minutes. I just hope to find a T-Mobile dealer before we get to Canada!

As the afternoon wore on, I was feeling uncomfortably warm and saw that the temperature inside was 85 degrees. My air conditioner was just not keeping me cool. I thought that the compressor had gone out so I looked up RV dealers in Casper. Then I went over to the park office to ask about the dealers. The lady gave me a card for Bill's Mobile RV Service and recommended that I call him. She assured me that he would not price gouge. She even let me use her phone to make the call.

Even though it was after regular business hours, he charged me only $70 for the service call and labor. He checked the voltage and cleaned the condenser, which was clogged with cotton. I immediately knew how that happened! For ten days I was parked under cottonwood trees in the Pike's Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs. What a relief that the problem was no more serious than that!

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