Drove 369 miles today, a short day as of late, due to a 2 hour stop in Conroe, TX to pick up our new 10 foot long Porte-Bote. Our friends the Trosts sold us their lightly used boat and all the accessories. Yippee, we're going to be able to boat and fish again. This boat replaces the one that was destroyed in the accident on I-15 last April. Our route went as thus, Columbus north on Hwy 109 to Hwy 105 to Conroe, TX, Hwy 59 to I-20 then on to Haughton, La is a short distance from Bossier, La not too far from the border with Texas, but we were pooped after such a long day.

Got up early the next morning had breakfast at a Waffle House across the street, yumm. After that we got onto I-20 and headed east, ever east....

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