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We are in our 12th year of living the Full-Time RV life and in all that time I have never come close to running out of fuel. On Sunday we had fueled the truck in Coleman and had no worry because we had only 183 miles to travel today. Of course we had driven 81 miles from Coleman to reach our destination of Fort Griffin. That makes 264 miles which is about where I usually stop to fuel up. No problem, Right?

When we left the Fort Camping area this morning we were in no hurry. It was 10:15 when we pulled out and headed north. We noticed a headwind which increased in velocity as it ate into our fuel mileage. Day one we averaged 10.3 mpg, from Kerrville to the Fort it fell to 8.6 mpg, but today was a day which saw our average fuel consumption drop to 7.4 mpg. Plus we had a detour of about 15 miles. Time to worry!

Would you believe that we saw not even one truck stop along the way today. Not One! When we had 68 miles remaining to travel, the on board computer informed me that we had a whopping 74 miles of fuel remaining. We noticed many filling stations offering diesel fuel but none were large enough to allow space for my “train” of nearly 65’.

I was feeling a robust “pucker factor” when I noticed a “Mom & Pop” type of place where we could pull in parallel to the Highway, and they had diesel fuel. I decided to fill the tank as a way of saying thanks to these kind folks who had no idea that they had saved me considerable inconvenience. Man that was close!

The remainder of the trip went just fine and we arrived at Rolling Retreats right at 2:15. So, in reality we had taken only four hours to travel 183 miles. That was not too bad considering. LOL

Now we are parked for the evening. Slade wants us in the shop at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Sure hope he can finish up with the maintenance on our rig by tomorrow evening. We’ll stay tomorrow night and leave early on Thursday morning, heading to Topeka. Life is Good!

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