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Randy Windtalker Motz and Carl Perry Preparing for Concert

Carl Perry and Randy Windtalker Motz

Carl Perry and Randy Windtalker Motz

Randy Motz Discussing How He Got Started Playing the Native American Flute

Randy Windtalker Motz with Rattle Made of Llama Toenails


Audience - Marge Perry and Glenda Alexander (playing drum)

Right after lunch today we were treated to a Native American flute concert by CARE resident, Carl Perry, and visitor, Randy Windtalker Motz. It is interesting to note that they have been Facebook friends for a long time but this is the first time they have met in person.

They performed solos as well as duets with background recorded music. The performance was accompanied by a slide presentation by Randy’s wife, Georgia Harris, of photos taken in the Southwest (New Mexico Arizona, Colorado, Utah). They have done extensive traveling here and abroad. They are avid hikers, which is the setting of most of Georgia’s gorgeous photographs.

At the end of the program, Randy and Georgia passed out various types of percussion instruments to audience members so we could play along with some recorded music. I played a drum. Randy teased us about being back in kindergarten class. It was a lot of fun.

At 3:00 we had our regular weekly flute circle. Randy and Georgia attended, just to listen. They and Carl made some very encouraging comments about my flute playing. With Tom and Jan on an extended trip, I’m the only student right now.

Tonight I went with Wayne Roberts to try out for the hand bell choir at church. Beth doesn’t play them anymore because she has trouble standing for a long time. This was a new experience for me; I didn’t know anything about hand bells except that I enjoy hearing them. For now, I’m just a back-up for anyone who may be absent. Next Tuesday one of the ladies will be absent, so I’ll have my first chance to play.

I’ve found some helpful information about hand bells on the Internet. One thing was a chart showing the special symbols with an explanation of how each one is used.

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