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When you sail toward Deception Island, it looks like an island. Once you get inside you realize that it is a caldera, thus the Deception Island name. When we looked out of the window this morning, all we saw was shades of black and white. To get into the volcanic caldera you have to avoid a rock jutting up almost to the water surface the entrance. The last volcanic eruption was in the 1970's, when the Chilean base here was destroyed. This is the stop where the somewhat insane did the polar plunge. The water is a few degrees warmer here due to the volcanic warmth on the surface. The black sands are warm and steaming.

All around there are remains of human activities: graveyards, airplane hangars, rusting whale oil tanks, half-buried wooden boats and thousand of barrel staves from unassembled and disintegrating barrels. The barrels were used to row the whale oil out to the waiting boats. If we were anywhere but here, we would be phoning our local representative to take all these junky eye sores away. Here we are amazed that all this stuff is still here. If any Millenials want to yell at my generation for causing climate change, I would like to turn around and scold those who came before me who caused the gross carnage of animals. When you hear that 5,000 whales were taken out of this bay in 1912-13, it takes your breath away.

Man makes a mess wherever he goes. Yesterday we had all our outwear vacuumed. This is to prevent the migration of seeds and diseases. Since all our outerwear is brand new, we were not in need of a vacuuming. On board we stand in a mini car wash when we come back aboard that removed any detritus that we picked up while wandering around here. The crew is trying hard to keep our impact low. Hope it helps.

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