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We had a leisurely morning again. (I think this actually translates into getting lazy.) Nothing much planned, so Don spent time on the computer and I did some housecleaning and laundry. Just after we started our walk (we had been doing laps around the campground to equal a mile) I remembered that the OU game was on, so we did a quick U turn and headed back to the TV room. The game was on a channel that had come in really clear the day before, but of course would not come in at all today. So we reversed course again to continue our walk. On the last loop we stopped to talk to Laurie and Doug, who were having some electrical issues. She was baking bread in a breadmaker, but nothing else was working, including her refrigerator. Don stopped to help, then Glen came over to help too. Definitely a guy thing! Nancy had gotten out her two little electric scooters, so she and I took them for a spin around the campground. Definitely a kick, although I felt a bit unsteady at first. When we got back, they still had not figured out the problem, so we sat down to talk while they continued to do their thing. Eventually they narrowed it down to a faulty inverter and set them up with their generator to charge their batteries. This made Laurie happy because she had a working refrigerator again. Of course it was a weekend. Our host provided the name of a local repairman, who agreed to come out the next day to diagnose the problem. By this time we were having drinks and sharing the fresh bread. Afterwards we all adjourned to our respective homes. We checked the TV again, and were able to watch the end of the game. Go OU!

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