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Just stunning


A little snow

Mountains in clouds

Ice... at the entrance to the Homer tunnel


Weird but pretty

More snowy mountain peaks

Pretty stuff

One of the many cruise ships

Peak in Milford Sound

Snow in the background


Snow in the background

Just beautiful

Like a fjord in Norway

Massive waterfall far far away

Opening up

Stunning scenery

Seal colony

Seal colony

Huge waterfall

More than 100 meters high

The Tasman Sea

Just me agian


Tall peaks (but no snow) ;-)

Looking back in the fjord

Seals sunbathing

A seal just JUMPED out of the water!

Now it's walking? up the big rock (I know seals don't walk,...

Almost there

Gigantic waterfall


You judge

Water cascading every where

Wet wetw wet

Heading back to the snowy mountains

Fantastic scenery

Another waterfall

Kea, the only alpine parrot inthe world. It's called Cheky Kea, because...

Small time glacier?

Avalance danger... It's summer!

Bus shot, still okay though

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Weird rocks

(MP4 - 1.96 MB)

Panorama 1

(MP4 - 1.61 MB)

Panorama 2

(MP4 - 1.59 MB)

Massive waterfall

(MP4 - 1.10 MB)

Kea - The only alpine parrot in the world

Hi again.

This is a short entry, but with a lot of photos and a few video clips I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

My trip to Milford Sound was absolutely amazing. Full of waterfalls and snow packed mountaintops and the weather was clear sky and almost no waves. Very spectacular indeed.

Take a look at the photos, they show what no words can express.

After the trip to Milford we headed back to Queenstown for one night.

The next entry is about my long bus journey from Queentown to Christchurch where I am now.


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