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Andean bears -mother and son

Yes they are real frogs


Mr Durrell himself

The wind blew all night and has continued today although starting to calm a little.

Spent the morning revisiting the two museums where I'd not had time to discover all sections and after lunch caught a local bus to the Durrell Zoo. The bus network seems to cover the whole island and we had a scenic ride through potato country and some palatial houses.

Have included a few photos of animals but my favourite would have to be one that hopped away - a tiny frog, no more than 2cm bright orange with black spots - though the blue ones also took my fancy.

Back to a different room in a new section - much more spacious with bath and separate shower, king size bed and view to the sea. The logic of moving all of us to upgraded rooms because of the extra night has escaped us but we're not complaining. One of our group has spent the day at the archive centre chasing some family history so she is happy with the extra day as the archive centre was closed yesterday.

Have had the news that we are booked to leave for Guernsey on a ferry tomorrow at 4pm. Hopefully the wind will have lessened, but unfortunately we'll not see much of Guernsey as the following day is a day trip to Sark and I think the vote is to do that, weather permitting the ferry to run.

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