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Where is Osseo Wisconsin you ask . . .

Somewhere between Eau Claire and Black River Falls. Not very big, but it was just in the right place. This moring's weather did not look promising and the weather reports were no more encouraging! First of all we had to find a quiet way out of Eau Claire. Following Hwy 12 was pretty good on the way in, but we could easily see as a main thoroughfare it was going to be a little busy with business traffic and difficult to ride out of town.

Had breakfast at the hotel and spent a lot of time chatting with the staff getting the best of their advice. We seemed to take a lot of time trying to figure out away to skirt around town, and finally we turned on Google Maps Bike route and just took off. Good ol' google map took us around a beautiful route, very peaceful and quiet and even showed us to cross the busy road to ride on the bike path!! A bike path ran the whole length of the busy hwy 12. We got on the path and pedaled right to the end of town and once again we were on our way!

The road was a bit busy, but not too bad and by now the rain had pretty much set in on us. We rode about 25 miles, stopped for a bite to eat in an old fashioned drive-in! Complete with car-hop, or in our case bike-hop!! We were able to escape the rain and sit under an awning which was much nicer than going into a nice cafe and drip everywhere, so it worked out perfectly! Surprisingly enough, the temps were only mid 60's and it was starting to chill us because we were so wet!!

There were no accommodations between where we were standing and the next 37 miles. Hard to get motivated to do that distance when we were already so wet and now getting cold!! So our smiling helpful car-hop suggested Osseo was only 10 miles, kind of a different direction but still on the way to Black River Falls! After more thinking and more waiting and more serious rainfall, we opted to go to the hotel!

Learned a little bit yesterday from our experience. We had the choice of staying in Menominee and calling it an early day or stay ahead of the rain and ride another 26 miles. We made it last night, it was a long day, but today that option just sounded like too much so we opted for the cheap hotel in Osseo. It is clean enough, cheap enough and we have promised to get up really early in the morning and catch up on the miles we lost today!!

So that is us for today!! You can see why I have such a hard time making a decision . . . As we were riding along, Mike said well I am a bit sad to let go of the trip along Lake Michigan!! So it started the thought process all over!! But no changes to the Reunion Route! We will carry on working our way southeast thru Wisconsin and find our way into Illinois!! Look out Mom, here we come!!!

Tomorrow promises to be a clear day! Temps dropping into the 70's, which is perfect!! Looking forward to it!

Have a great evening everyone!! Thanks for checking in!!!!

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