2016 Winter Trek travel blog

Interesting neon during the day and lighted at night

Another neat neon sign

Mira Winery mural an adaptation of Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party"

Some of the show windows at apparel stores

Bright lights in show windows

Sue thinks these are spooky

Flowers in bloom along the streets

Azaleas behind the gate

Street scenes with lamp posts

Smooth sound of a sax

In front of the Circular Congregational Church founded in 1681

Long shadows at sunset

The pink house

Charleston has a French Quarter

Black and brass

Striking a pose

Looking down the alley

Color over the arch

Sue made a new friend while she was waiting for me to...

We attended our first event at SKP ACRE tonight and a strange thing happened. When I walked into the room where the social hour was held, a woman came up to me after looking at my name badge and asked if I was from Riverside, NJ. I said yes, and she said her dad, Ray Hill, used to ride to work at McGuire AFB every day with my Dad. It's weird to have someone come up to you out of the blue like that. Even weirder, she turned out to be a class mate of Sue's as she graduated from RHS the same year. I don't think I ever met her before and Sue couldn't remember her from High School. Her and her husband live in SC, but are avid RV'ers. We plan to spend some time with them to get to know them a little better.

Since I don't have any pictures from the rally yet, I going to post the last batch from Charleston. Our last night there, Sue and I went out to dinner with one of theater photographers and his wife. After dinner we walked around the Charleston Market area and I dis some "street photography". Hope you enjoy them.

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