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As soon as we arrived here, we headed to Chase our bank, to arrange for a wire transfer so we could purchase the campsite lot the next day. The bank was down for such transactions system-wide, and we had to return again in the afternoon to get the job done. It was hard to believe that such a big bank was so paralyzed and thus so were we.

But from that point everything has gone well. The closing took all of fifteen minutes since the sellers had pre-signed and our realtor got out of the bed her doctor had confined her to for bronchitis, and walked us through the forms and what they meant. We were pleased by her professionalism throughout the whole buying process and the $50 gift card she gave us to a local restaurant was icing on the cake.

We have power washed the concrete pad, a requirement for putting our site in the rental pool. The metal shed roof also need an hour of attention. It's in the back of the lot under the trees and Spanish Moss and was so thick with vegetative detritus, a new forest had begun growing there. Overall we are pleased with the condition of the site, which we had to inspect while someone else was renting it and had their rig and toys parked there.

It appears that many folks come here just looking for a place to stay and end up loving it and buying a site and that's what happened to us. Our realtor sold five other RV lots last week. But most folks do not buy a lot they do not intend to use for two years. When we turned in the paperwork to make the lot available for rental, the clerk almost did a cart wheel. So many folks who stayed here this year wanted to return and there is already a waiting list for staying here next winter. The mail clerk was a bit amazed and shut down our mailbox entirely until we return in the winter of 2017 if our plans come to pass. Our car and motor home sport new barcodes and we can zoom past the gate house without waiting in line.

So we have much to look forward to: another winter our west, starting in New Mexico and ending in the early summer on Vancouver Island. And we're excited about coming back here and spending quality time under the Spanish Moss. Life is good!

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