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Another stop on the south east coast of Spain, Almeria has the large Islamic Fort of Alcazaba dominating the town. In 1489 the city was taken over by the Catholic Monarchs causing the Muslim population to be expelled. There was a massive earthquake here in 1522 and it took another 300 years for the city to recover.

We walked up to the Alcazaba via the Cathedral. There are lots of narrow streets and plazas to enjoy on the way. We found a plaza where they were setting up an antique market.

The Alcazaba is like a smaller scale Alhambra in Granada with lovely gardens and fountains. There are the ruins of the church and other buildings. The Catholics built there castle in the western part of the Alcazaba over part of the Islamic Palace. It was lovely to walk around in the sunshine.

We headed back down to the town and wandered the streets looking at the buildings and found a really nice café for drinks and snacks. The snack was a lovely baguette cut in half and covered in chopped prosciutto and melted cheese – delicious.

There was a lovely boulevard we walked down back to the beach and harbour area. It was another lovely day.

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