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Carpe at Poor Farmer's Campground

Indiana 5 is a busy route into Shipshewana

Saturday is Market Day in Amish Country

Busy Market Day in Shipshewana

South of Shipshewana IN 5 passes thru Ligonier

Downtown Ligonier

Berne Indiana

Entering Ohio on IN 26

Sat, 21 Jun: Summer is here, summer is here, summer is here!

We awoke early to find our newly installed refrigerator unit running as advertised. Our freezer was at 3°F and the fridge part 33°F. This is what we wanted to see.

Leon performed his checks and was satisfied that all is OK. He removed his thermometers and we moved our food back to our fridge from his loaner in the shop. He also removed the small dorm-sized fridge he'd lent us.

The faulty unit was certainly not his fault, yet he felt really bad that it had happened. When we thanked him for staying late to get a new unit installed he humbly stated that it was he who should be thanking us for our patience. "All's well that ends well" as Willy S would say, and we're very satisfied with the quality of work Leon and his crew at National RV Refrigeration did for us.

We backed out of the service bay and got Dinkum connected. We rolled wheels ten minutes before ten and headed south on IN 5 thru Shipshewana. Saturday is Market Day in Amish Country, and Shipshewana is the hub of activity. We saw scores of buggies with their families. We've said it before and it bears repeating, these folks are to be admired for the hardships they endure to practice their faith.

Continuing south on IN 5 we passed thru the towns of Ligonier and Berne. Both are quaint small towns, each with its Amish population. Berne even sports a miniature replica of its namesake's famous clock tower.

We moved to US 33 and took it southeast to Fort Wayne where we briefly hopped on I 96 and then I 496 to US 27 and Decatur. In Decatur we switched drivers and grabbed a quick lunch. Our freezer is now so cold that our burgers took a bit longer to defrost and warm up.

Sandi continued south on US 27 to Portland where we hung a left on IN 26 east to the Ohio line and then continued southeast on OH 49, OH 47, and OH 185 to Pique and US 36. Another few miles east on US 36 took us thru Fletcher to the Poor Farmer's Campground, where we are enjoying 50 amperes of electricity in a very rural and quiet setting.

Today's travel distance was 180 miles, almost all of which was on secondary federal and state routes. As is the norm, we passed thru many beautiful small towns with their meticulously maintained downtowns and neighborhoods. Our overall fuel economy was just south of eight mpg.

We plan to remain here for three of four days. Bob's Aunt Betty and Cousins Jim & Linda live in Centerville, south of Dayton. We hope to visit with them during our stay.

Mon, 23 Jun: Quality family time...

Yesterday, Sunday, was a lazy stay-at-home day. We awoke late and made a quick run to Wal*Mart for some victuals. Beyond that, it was kick back and enjoy. We're uncertain if we accomplished anything or not, but it took us the better part of the day to do so.

This morning we awoke at a more normal time and got ready for a day of car travel. A bit after nine we headed south on I 75 to Centerville (south of Dayton) to visit with Bob's Aunt Betty and cousins Jim & Lynda. Cousins were working, but we got to spend most of the day with Betty.

We'll tell you what... If we make it to 93 we'd sure like to be as sharp as Betty. Her body is starting to show some signs of wear and tear (and whose isn't?), but her mind is as rapier edged as ever. We had so much fun just talking and talking and talking.

Betty took us to lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel, which was as good as always. Dinner was the five of us at City BBQ, a local chain that does very good BBQ. We Swansons split a half rack of ribs since lunch was still very much with us.

We left for home (about fifty miles north) directly from the BBQ. Some storm cells came thru and we had some very heavy rain in town and another cell just north of Dayton. Other than those the drive was uneventful and we arrived home at 2100 sharp!

It was a great day spent with very special folks.

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