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We have stayed in one wonderful spot for January and February, waiting for the worst of the winter weather to go by. No one's complaining, but there was no winter here this year. We planned to leave today for a boon docking stay at the Ajo Community Golf Course about a two hour drive west of Tucson . (Non-RV'ers - boon docking means no water spigot, no electric pedestal, no place to dump the black water - you're on your own.) We thought we would head to nearby Organ Pipe National Monument one day and enjoy some golf where we were camped. But Mother Nature had thoughts of her own.

We have watched the California weather reports, where much of the state got more water in a day than they got all last year. Thirsty Arizonians were hoping that some of that water bounty would end up here, too. We've found that we cannot listen too closely to the TV meteorologists here. They get breathlessly excited over the smallest development, because small developments are all they have. They talked about strong winds stirring up dust storms and downpours causing flooding in the washes.

It obviously does rain in AZ at times. We can see the dry channels in the desert. As the water seeks the lowest level it creates little dips and gullies. The pavement follows these dips and gullies. It is not worth it to build bridges and overpasses for land that is only wet on rare occasions, so they post forests of warning signs, cautioning drivers not to drive through any standing water. We've heard that just because the rain is light where you are, doesn't mean that there won't be a flood as the water from higher elevations flows toward you.

The sky was gray and heavy when we got up and it actually began to rain, raining hard for fifteen minutes. What to do? We could have stayed on in the RV resort for three more days before our future reservations kick in. But then the rain stopped. So we started to drive. It sprinkled a bit more - just enough to sprayer the sparkling clean RV with mud. Ken's hard work didn't last long. The back up plan was a campground closer to Organ Pipe in the town of Why. Why is so small my GPS could not find it. As we got to Why, an aptly named town from what we saw, the sun broke through and the sky turned blue once again. We kept driving.

So we find ourselves camped for free with one other motor home at the Ajo Municipal Golf course. After camping cheek by jowl for the last two months, the space and quiet are a bit jarring. We're amazed to find free internet here. The club house is closed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but you can put $10 in an envelope and play the course on the honor system. The clubhouse restaurant is open on an intermittent schedule. It leaves us wondering how they make any money. The sun is bright, but the post storm winds have us convinced to wait a day for the golf. It will be pitch black here tonight in the middle of nowhere.

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