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Badlands, South Dakota

National Park

Greasy Grass of the Plains

View from the road

We parked & walked out to the overlook


The park is 244,000 acres


Volcanic Ash



Layers of colors

High grass tables

Tables in the distance







Colored Layers



Baby rabbit taking shelter from the sun under the boardwalk

Vista point


Sharp peaks








Visitor Center at the other end of the drive

Sea Monsters

Looks like a whale

Interesting layers

Bigfoot Lakota of the Wounded Knee Massacre



Hikers all over the rocks

Strange, a square formation?

Horses everywhere

More Wall Drug signs

Wall Drug Country

We have seen a lot of dinosaurs around the area

Wall Drug is the whole street

Across the street other shops



Inside the Wall Drug Mall

Larry found a friend

Funny T-shirt

The famous Wall Drug Store

An A-4 Skyhawk on display near Ellsworth AFB

B-1 Bomber flying over us

Funny way to get your attention for Firehouse Brewing Company

It was a bit of a drive over to Badlands National Park. Most of the way, for miles and miles, we were passing signs along the highway for Wall Drug. They sure don’t want you to miss it.

Badlands National Park comprises 244,000 acres of land, with wilderness areas of 64,144 acres. The park is the largest expanse of protected prairie ecosystem in the National Park System.

We did a driving tour of Badlands Park, noticing that there was also hiking trails all around. They called it the badlands because it seemed impenetrable. The treacherous rock formations and crevasses, made it impassable by wagons. The landscape appearing sinister and other worldly was formed by erosion by wind and water, having been an ancient inland sea.

This territory is part of the area famous for the U.S. & Indian Wars 1866-97. The Massacre at Wounded Knee took place just south of the Badlands area.

Here is an account of the 1890, Massacre at Wounded Knee Creek.

On our way back home we did our obligatory visit to the famous Wall Drug & shops. Since it was around lunch time, it was very crowded. Since it was difficult to find a parking space, I guess their signs we effective.

We finally got into the drugstore Diner, and ordering our food was fast. The tables vacated rapidly, so we sat enjoying lunch & people watching. Everyone seemed to want to eat hastily so they could go shopping. It was like a mall under one large roof with many small shops, with other shops across the street.

Click on the link to read “Roadside America” description of this roadside stop, Visit Wall Drug.

Later we spent the evening having dinner & socializing with Bruce & Sue and Darlene & Jerry at their campground. One last visit before we head off in the morning. Having some discussions with people in the Elks Lodge, we definitely need to come back to see more of this area, especially Ellsworth Air Force Base and the Wounded Knee Battlefield.

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