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The kids with Jacob and Mitch - giving a nearby snake some...

Mindil Beach Markets - Pip trying to crack a whip!

Mindil Beach Markets - so many food choices, so little time

Mindil Beach - b-e-a-u-t-ful sunset


Darwin - Sunday

We went to lunch at Kerri, Richard, Jacob and Mitchell's place today. Happily, their home was quite close to where we were staying, so instead of being super lost and late, we were only a little. Yay for mobiles and ipad maps!

What can I say about them? They are great people! It was our first time hanging out with friends since cairns and we all soaked it up like sunshine. We enjoyed lunch whilst catching up on some of the happenings from the past few years. The kids all played and the adults all chewed the fat together. Heaven!

Kerri and Richard kindly offered for us to set up our van underneath their high-set house and make use of the laundry and bathroom down there too. Didn't need to consider for too long before saying yes please. These are the major perks - a free washing machine, clean shower that has privacy and hot water, and a toilet you can sit on! These were of course beside the point that we'd get to hang out with these cool dudes for longer.

After lunch, we set off for an afternoon church service at Nightcliff. We were keen to go because we hadn't been to church since Cairns and this particular church is the one the Jenners go to. Not only did we get to see them while there, Ben met a friend, Kerryn, that he knew from his Hebron schooling days - are these people everywhere, or what?! We also found that the new minister is the brother of a friend of Ben's from our home church in Mitchelton. One of the joys of getting older is that you seem to meet people you have a link with wherever you go. It's often just a matter of time before you work out what that is. Fun.

Next, we set off to enjoy the selection of dinner dishes on offer at nearby Mindil Beach Markets. We timed our visit to soak up the outrageously spectacular sunset too. The kids went nuts on the dunes while we listened to a sort-of didgeridoo and rock band set-up. These markets were so good that Ben and I returned later in the week to have a leisurely dinner minus kids! There are many different nationalities and ethnicities in Darwin so the food stalls have lots of fresh, yummy food. We had Thai, Indian and Spanish. Got the kids to bed by about 10 but it was well worth the sacrifice of sleep.

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