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Today was a day for exploring the hinterland of Dijon. Our planned route is taking us south from Dijon, passing thru the villages of Marsannay La Cote, Gevrey-Chamberlin, Vosne-Romanee, Nuits-St-Georges (, Beaune (, Volnay, and Puligny-Montrachet - about 120km round trip.

This route was to take us thru the heart of the vinyard area of Burgundy. The slopes are covered with vines, stunted and bare for the winter. Chateau's can be seen dotting the landscape, surrounded by ancient low stone walls which look like they would fall over any minute.

As we pass thru the villages, we are struck by the apparent absence of life. Apart from the cars parked on the sides of roads, we don't see a soul. Its as if they have all packed up and gone south for the winter. Still, its enough to just gaze at the architecture of the houses and the cobbled narrow streets.

We stopped at one of the larger villages, Nuits-St-Georges, for some lunch. We picked the first restaurant we came across, and did we pick a gem!!. Inside the atmosphere was warm and friendly, and we were greeted by staff who seemed genuinely pleased to welcome us to their establishment. Julie had a soup-de-jour (a local specialty), while I opted for a classic, Beef Burgundy. Superb. Again, if you want to experience real french food, forget the rubbish they serve up in Australia, you have to come here for the real thing. the flavors are like nothing you have experienced before.

After lunch, and reaching the last village on our route, we returned to Dijon. Back in our hotel, time to plan the next days travel, book the next hotel, before heading out for a walk thru the town to find another place for a gastronomical experience (and once again we hit paydirt - finding a small eatery which served up delicious authentic regional dishes).

Tomorrow promises to be a long driving day - we are heading west to Orleans, a trip of about 3 hours. Ah well, someone has to do it.

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