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The snow is disappearing the further south we drive

The green crop is sugar beets

Corn still standing but not being irrigated

Found this along the way. Almost drove right past it!

I think I recognize one of my old cars in there!

Do you see the dinosaur here?

I don't see mine here.

Nope. Not here either.

Main street, Alliance Nebraska.

One of the smaller feedlots. I may have to quit eating beef!

The grain elevators in Chappell.

Welcome to Chappell

Our campsite at Creekside RV Park

There was a pony express station near here

About Lodgepole Valley

Plane crash near here


...and finally

Another easy drive along totally uncrowded roads south to Chappell Nebraska. The roads were clear and the snow slowly disappeared the further south we drove. Today's route took us south on NE-87 and eventually back onto US-385 and after that it was a left turn onto US-30 to Chappell. We had a little trouble finding the RV park because Mapquest had us turning on a road that didn't exist but we finally pulled in around 3:00, a drive of 184 miles.

The corn is still standing in this part of the country but now we've added sugar beets to our "crops we've seen along the highway" list. A lot of cattle in huge fields and some small feed lots. We did pass "Nebraska's Free Rest Area"...2 lounge chairs on bales of hay, a toilet with the seat up, and the sign "Free WiFi". Pretty ingenious!

We ALMOST passed Carhenge, a roadside scene owned by the town of Alliance NE, but stopped just in time so Bob could go get some pictures. Drove through the "sandhill" area of Nebraska and on to more open range and deep canyons, irrigation ditches and canals and a couple of prairie dog towns. Many of the fields have been de-cropped and are replanted already.

Chappell is a little dying midwestern town. However, it does have an extremely active rail line and grain co-op operation. There were many trains going north and south on the main lines, sometimes dropping cars to be filled off along the sidings. Since we both like trains, it was neat watching them coming and going. There was one little blue engine at the co-op whose job was to shuttle grain cars off the siding and under the loading chutes then back onto the siding for the big trains to pick up and take along their way. The horn on this little engine sounded so sad....I'm going to write a kid's story about it.

The sites at the Creekside RV Park are nice level pull-thrus but there is absolutely NO TV!!! Not even on antenna. That's okay. We're only here for 3 nights before we continue our southward journey. Besides, it's only $12.50 a night for full hook-ups with Passport America.

There's also a little lake right down the road with a geocache. While we were there getting the cache, someone drove right up to us. It turned out to be the guy across from us in the RV park and he's a geocacher, too. Small world!!

We took a drive back to Sidney one day to do some shopping and to get a geocache. One cache was near Cabelas and even though I didn't find the cache, we did find a nice memorial to the Pony Express riders of the early west.

Additional photos of our stay in Chappell are here.

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