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Slightly different spelling but still a toilet

Puno church

Zoe Me and Anne

and we're racing


Kaye and Errol we beat them!

classy ride


Reed Islands





Tourist reed boat


housing material




local girl


Zoe and Liz

Me and Zoe

Selling her wares

Asleep in the hut

comfy spot






Well that was a short stay in Bolivia - and only about two of us got tummy wobbles - sooo no weight loss there - the food was actually pretty good.

It was amazing when we crossed over into Peru that there was actually a different feel to the place.

The first thing we noticed was the motor taxis - very much like the tuk tuks in Asia.

The main drink seems to be a soft drink called Inka Cola but more like yellow creaming soda than a cola - signs for it are everywhere.

Pucon our next stop is not the most interesting of places but we were there to visit the Reed Islands on Lake Titicaca.

We were picked up by men pedalling cyclos two in each - I shared with Zoe and we picked a strong looking rider - Russ dared to say to him in Spanish that he was in for a hard ride with the two of us!

Won't let him forget that in a hurry as we won the race to the harbour. And a race it was... how no one got hit by a passing car or another cyclo is amazing - but it was fun also.

A half hour boat ride took us to the floating reed islands. At some stage they were just for living but now it is all about tourists. Each island gets a quota of the weeks tourists and puts on a bit of a show for them - they do actually live the and only visit the mainland to sell their reed goods and buy supplies for the coming week - no refrigeration but they do now have solar power for light - it has saved many lives especially children as before that it was all about candles....in reed homes!!

Had a bit of a dress up and the photos are pretty funny and felt obliged to buy a couple of things - then took a ride in a reed boat paddled by one man and one woman. Our Stu thought he could do better than the woman ....no...we ended up being pushed by a small powered boat!

The ladies of the island had greeted us with a local song and when we left a farewell some followed by about three European farewell songs - so much for seeing how the locals live.

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