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Easy drive south along good roads, largely parallel to the coast. 

We took a diversion to the Paracas nature reserve - a beautiful coastal peninsular with dramatic sand dunes. At some times of the year you can see a wide variety of wildlife, but the only ones around at present are the Pelicans. They did not disappoint. Much larger than ones we have seen before and with red white and blue stripes on the side of their beaks. We travelled with Charles and Jane ( always ip for a good outing off route) drove across the sand to reach a small fishing port with a nice cafe and were presented with fresh scallops to eat for a light lunch. We declined the 'Inca Cola' that apparently is very sweet. 

One pelican, whom we christened George, came right up to our table in the hope of some pickings. It was a lovely spot and we could have stayed there all afternoon,  but we had 200 km still to drive and set off back across the sand. 

On the way into Nazca, after a striking pass through the hills, we entered the area of the Nazca lines. We stopped at the house of German Dr Maria Reiche, who dedicated her life to the study of the lines. There is a look out tower to view 'hands' and 'tree' and tomorrow on our rest day we will take a plane ride to view the others.  

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