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Carpe at Country Roads RV Park
A wonderfully quiet and friendly place—a true...

Minnesota Welcomes Us
And the rest stops were open...

Mississippi River Valley at La Crosse, WI

Crossing "Ole Man River" at La Crosse, WI

Mississippi River at La Crosse
We're just ahead of a major thunderstorm...

Welcome to Wisconsin

Bob enjoying "Happy Hour" at FMCA Full Timer's Rally

If you're in Wisconsin you gotta eat "Brats"
And they are gooooood!!!

Carpe got cleaned & polished

Another view of clean coach

We even polished the wheels
A major undertaking

Not to forget a polished rear wheel

Mechanically inclined Bear
Found this fellow in front of Wisconsin Dells auto repair

Sat, 23 Jul: A travel day after being parked for two weeks always requires diligent attention to our checklists. We have a system, but things can be overlooked. The checklists (hopefully) ensure that we don't overlook anything—especially anything expensive. After getting Carpe ready for the road we drove the short distance to Forest City's Pammel Park and took advantage of their free dump. We'd been parked for eleven days so our tanks were getting pretty full.

We hooked up the car and hit the road about 0830. US 69 to IA 9 and then I 35 to I 90 east. A fairly quick and very easy 250 miles took us to Lake Delton, Wisconsin, nearby the more famous Wisconsin Dells. We put into Country Roads RV Park, a delightful park dedicated to "older kids". Any kiddies under eighteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. That, and the absence of a swimming pool, playground, etc., ensures most coaches arrive sans ankle-biters. How delightful!!!

We arrived a day early so had to occupy a different site than we'd use for the FMCA Full-Timers group rally. Not to worry (we thought), we'll move first thing in the morning. Our drive from Forest City was ahead of some pretty severe thunderstorms (looking in the rear view mirrors looked like nite). We got parked, leveled, and hooked up power and then the skies opened.

The storm passed and we met with some of the other full timers for an informal happy hour. Dinner and then to bed as it was a long day.

Sun, 24 Jul: We woke at our leisure and prepared the coach to move four spots to the site we'll occupy for the balance of the rally. Wouldn't you know!?! The folks in our destination site decided that the noon check out rule applied to other people... We couldn't vacate our site until they moved, and finally the park managers had to light a fire under their tires.

Once moved and settled in (about 1330) we decided to go out for lunch. Bob found a Famous Dave's BBQ and we drove there only to find that they had a 90 minute wait time for tables (at 1400)! We settled for someplace else. In the evening there was a potluck with burgers, dogs, and (famous Wisconsin) Brats provided by the rally. We stopped at Wal*Mart for a veggie tray to contribute and enjoyed meeting our new friends.

Wed, 27 Jul: Well, it is now Wednesday and we've been busy between rally activities and polishing Carpe We've been embarrassed at how filthy the coach has become and this was our opportunity to do a major clean job. We washed and polished the entire exterior on Monday, and yesterday the polished aluminum wheels got a dose of TLC. Needless to say, it is raining buckets today, we're both sore, but the coach looks great!

Rally activities include breakfasts, games (we eschewed them), and catered dinners. The FMCA Full Timers Chapter is a really nice group of folks and we're enjoying getting to meet and know them. We'll be parked with them at the main rally, which starts in two weeks.

We're still unsure of where we'll go between departing here (Friday) and arriving at the Madison rally on the ninth. Door County seems appealing, and perhaps tomorrow we'll break out the maps and take a look at our options.

More anon....

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