Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Welcome to Virginia

Big traffic backup; thankfully, southbound

Our campsite at Dixie Caverns

Bob casts a long, thin shadow

The original cabin at Dixie Caverns

The spreading willow at the entrance to the campground

Kudzo vine overtakes everything

At Virginia Brick Company

Bob at the 9/11 Memorial

A famous general from Salem

Sidewalk dining

Along the market

Hiding in the grass

Decoration in the sidewalk

Lots of train tracks

Snazzy cycle!

On the road a bit later today (10:15 a.m.) since we were only traveling about 150 miles today. And another easy drive it was up I-80. Nothing too outstanding but a lot of green trees and large mowed fields. Before we got to the campground, we stopped at a Walmart that was right along the interstate to fill our water bottles. I’ve got to learn to NOT let Bob go into a grocery store with any money in his pocket because he will spend it…down to his last dime today! Spent about 30 minutes in there, too.

While I was waiting for him to return, I was just sort of checking out the trailer tires and noticed one appeared larger than the other. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was a “D” rated tire…the spare tire!!! Damn!! I am fit to be tied!! That’s what we paid $108 for back in Waco…to have the new “E” rated tire put on the new aluminum wheel and the old tire put on the steel wheel and remounted under the trailer as a spare tire. And they didn’t do it. Does no one follow simple instructions anymore … or take pride in their work…or do the job right? And we even gave him a generous tip. From now on, you can bet whenever anyone is doing anything to this trailer, I’m going to be right there watching with an eagle eye. Needless to say, I called the tire people and told them I was very dissatisfied with that job AND the fact that the trailer went to their shop with 6 lug nuts and came out with 3. Oh grrr, I am so angry.

So...into the Dixie Caverns RV Park around 1:30. Nice, but crowded park...nothing special but there ARE caverns here and a fantastic gift shop. Gotta’ stay out of there, for sure. We might take a tour of the caverns though.


TOTAL MILES DRIVEN TODAY: 148 TIME: About 2:45 hours.


Today we did some geocaching and then wandered over to Roanoke to see if we could find their market square where we were told there was a farmers' market. Well, son-of-a-gun...we did find it! This is a year-round, several blocks long, outdoor market (bet it's cold in the winter!!) This area of Roanoke is neat with outdoor dining, the market, and other sighs to see.

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