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Rappannock Oyster Co.

Dining on the deck

Rappannock Oyster Co entering the parking lot


Grilling area opposite end of the deck



Platter of Olde Salts(oysters)

Look at that Corky !

Grilled crab cake

Lamb-Clam Chowder

looking out to the Rappannock River

A glimpse of Locklies Marina

Yorktown Naval Weapons under water storage area

Coleman Bridge crossing the York River

Cherished painting from a friend in Quartzsite, Az

Turtle Fur Hat collection

Scarf collection

Hand crafted hat

As the morning sun penetrated dense fog, we set out on a day trip. The "itch" to travel continues to run rampant in our blood. While the Big Horn may not be hitched up, the little Tracker fulfills our local travel delights.

Headed up US route 17 to the Middle Neck Peninsula we pass through Yorktown historical village, cross the York River, and enter the quiet rural life of the "middle neck" where vegetable truck farming and fishing are the way of life. Accompanying these necks are mighty rivers flowing into the Bay where "watermen" work the waters in traditional ways. Check out your road atlas to get a better mental picture.

The destination is Rappahannock Oyster Co. located at Locklies Marina. The food can be described as elegant. One is not overwhelmed by a mumbo-jumbo menu: the selections along with the wine list are appetizing. Let's get to grit here: shared Old Salts oysters on the half shell with three dipping sauces(traditional Old Bay seafood cocktail, homemade tomatillo sauce, and wine vinegar onion sauce). DELICIOUS!! Grilled crab cakes on grilled bread. OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Lamb-clam chowder- ground lamb with bite sized vegetables and a zippy red broth ladeled over steamed clams. DELIGHTFUL!! Incidentally, the lamb is raised in southwestern Virginia. The service is leisurely to enhance the dining experience. The owner and the grill master enjoy talking with the folks. Add the serenity of the water view-it's a picture perfect experience. Come visit us. The Rappahannock Oyster Co may be on the "must do" list!

Look at the hat collection! Family and friends are keeping my head stylish and warm. The singularly photographed red hat was made by a former student's wife. The process begins by knitting the cap, then wetting it, placing it on a form, and finally putting it in the dryer. It becomes something similar to boiled wool. Then the brim is folded and a crocheted bow is attached. It is quite chique on my head; of course, red is on my color palette.

The artist painting of the cactus came as a surprise. Our Montana friend, wintering in Quartzsite, honored me with a card she painted in her new studio!! Thank you, Anita. I will cherish this card.

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