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Part of the nature trail at the park. Sort of forbidding, in...

Another trail section. The only wildlife was an Armadillo. But you wonder...

I'd like to get this sign.

Cape Kennedy taken from Titusville.

Self Explanatory. Pretty neat entry sign though. Another entrance had a sculpture...

Cocoa Beach. By the way folks, it was NOT warm this day.

One of the cruise ships heading out from Port St. John. I...

Another section of Cocoa Beach. Notice there are no swimmers today!!

Would be neat to see the turtle hatch.

This was taken on my way home, from the truck, so wasn't...

Quick trip to east coast to check out viewing areas for launch.

As the title said, this was a quick trip. All I wanted to do was get a handle on where to go to catch the launch. NASA publishes a list of some of the more popular public viewing places in Titusville and Cocoa Beach, so that was my mission - to check them out. Most of these are public parks, with restroom facilities, but obviously, anywhere a person can see across to Kennedy would work.

So, again, it was a bit of a long drive - almost 2 hours, but felt better to have taken a different route going over and coming back, to get a feel for time and distance. There is actually quite a "viewing dry spell" between Titusville and Cocoa Beach, due to developments along the beach, and subsequent inaccessibility, and Cocoa Beach is quite a bit further down the beach. All in all, however, all of the above are within 20-25 miles of Kennedy, so should provide a good show, no matter what.

Unfortunately, the day was rather cool and windy, so wasn't conducive to a hike on the beach.

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