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I had to wake up at 4:50 in the morning. I packed up all my stuff quietly, so I didnt wake up Eric. Went to the metro and missed the first train so I had to wait like tem minutes for the second train and the whole time I was worried I would miss my bus, but when I got off the metro I noticed a bunch of people with bags and I just followed them.

On the bus I was able to sleep for a little bit on the hour long ride but woke up with a crick in my neck. When we got to the airport I was stunned at how tiny the airport was. there were two big rooms, one to check in and one to take off. It was horribly organized because they only let certain flights through security so there was a huge mass of people before security. Once I got through security, I took a mini nap on the floor and then boarded my flight, having to walk outside to do so and I was confused by not having assigned seats.

I tried to sleep on the flight too but didnt get much sleep. I woke up only to watch our landing... I always have bumpy landings in rome. We landed in the second smallest airport ever, hopped on the bus back to rome and I got annoied when we had to go around the block two times to find parking for the bus because I just wanted to get home.

I colapsed on the bed when I got home, exhausted and starving from my journey. So I finished my nutella. haha.

That evening I got Tiramisu with my friend Delia and ate it in the Re di Roma park which was fun ad as much as I try to get to bed early every night, it never happens. I got to bed at 11:30...

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