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Petrified Log

Wood To Minerals

Giant Tree

Ancient Swamp

Barren Landscape

The Long Log

Agate Bridge

Hogan or Gathering Room

The Teepees


Painted Desert

Colorful View

Painted Desert Story

Valley of Colors

Painted Desert Inn

The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert NP are split by Hwy 40. We found it best to enter the southern entrance. As you cross this arid land it is hard to imagine the swamp lands of 225 million years age. As you cross Hwy 40 to the Northern side you travel into the Painted Desert with all its vivid colors of soil. As a child I visited the Painted Desert Inn, another historic site!

Interesting Factoid:

Petroglyphs - Drawings etched or scratched out.

Petrographs - Drawings painted on with plant dyes.

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