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The Lady of the Woods (Located behind the Visitor's Center)

The Admin Building at Crater Lake NP

Our First View of The Lake

Wizard Island--See the Snow in the Background

Yes--Susan and Tim Were There!

Another View of Crater Lake

A Stellar Jay

Looking to the North Into Oregon

Vidae Falls

It is BLUE!

Other Great Crater Lake Views

Wizard Island

We had planned to drive to Crater Lake in Oregon and leave the RVs in Crescent City, California. So we set off to Shady Cove, Oregon as our overnight stop on Monday--a drive of about 100 miles over some very twisty and up & down mountain roads. We stayed at a local motel on the Rogue River--unfortunately it was 102 the day we were in town. For dinner we ate at a local Chinese, Thia, American spot--Ma's. The Chinese food was some of the best we have ever had! The next day--Tuesday--we got up early for the 50 mile drive to Crater Lake National Park. A good breakfast at the local spot got us started. The drive to Crater was thru some really dense pine forests. In some cases the 100 foot trees almost grew across the road to completely shut out the sun. We got to Crater Lake and stopped at the Visitor's Center to learn about how the lake was made and discovered. The lake was formed when Mt. Mazama,a volcano,erupted about 7,700 years ago. The top of the mountain was blown away and the remaining mountain sank back into the magma chamber. The weight of the material(rocks)sank down to cause the deep depression. Over the next 1000's of years, the depression filled with water and snow. With no escape route like a river, the lake was formed. The water is very pure and maintains its current depth because the evaporation from the surface equals the snow/rain fall. The water appears very blue in the bright sunlight because the other colors of the spectrum are absorbed by the deep water but the blue is reflected. If the day is not sunny, the lake will not be blue but a grey color--not very appealing. The Rim Road and touring areas around the lake are about 1000 feet above the lake level. We drove the 33 mile Rim Road and enjoyed the great views both of the lake and of the surrounding area. We also got the 4 geocaches that are on the Rim Road. Clouds were building up and the final part of our trip was in cloudy weather and the drive back to Shady Grove was in a few showers. We drove back to Crescent City, California on Wednesday and enjoyed a nice day. Tim played golf for the first time on the trip.

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