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Bell Street Bridge


Yellow River

This was a nice 1/2 mile walk across and back

Today drove 98 miles

In case you missed them, I have posted pictures of the golf course on yesterdays notes.

We have moved on to Montana, short drive so we had time to tour the Makoshika State Park.

Still badland scenery but at the same time very different. We had a great JEEP ride, on dirt roads which was fun.

Found out that the Yellow River is loaded with agate stones, but found out that the water level is so high that you cannot look for them. Saw a sample at the state park and they are pretty stones, but interesting before they are cut and polished the rock looks exactly like a potato. The shape, and little black spots. But we have not been able to find any. Darn. We did buy some polished stones.

The city has an old bridge that they have blocked off and saved for walkers only. We did a walk on the bridge and got a good view of the Yellow River and how high the water was and fast moving.

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