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Colonia and its lighthouse at sunset

Old town streets

Calle Suspiras (Street of Whispers), is Colonia's famous old colonial street

From atop the lighthouse

Ravi --

Colonia del Sacramento, an hour ferry ride across the Rio Plata from Buenos Aires, hosts a precious old town center hinting at colonial times when the city changed hands frequently between the Portuguese and Spaniards.

We arrived Christmas night by a large Buquebus ferry, everything in the town within walking distance. A gorgeous sunset across the wide river mouth provided a romantic air as its famous white lighthouse glowed red. An old port area and various small plazas also added to the vibe.

We explored the old town fully the following Friday afternoon, full of colonial-era architecture and cobbled pedestrian streets, including museums set up in old homes and aerial views from atop the aforementioned lighthouse.

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