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Kitchen facilities at Wanaka camp

Depart Queenstown: 4030 km (10.30)

We lay in this morning again, 'til about 9, as we had decided to stay put in Queenstown for another night, but Nick decided that we may as well be in Wanaka (with internet access and a nicer site) to do nothing, than in Queenstown. It rained during the night, and a damp day in Queenstown didn't appeal much, so we agreed to hit the road.

With a quick visit to the supermarket, we hit the road. We went out via the Coronet Peak road to Arrowtown, just for a change of scenery, and then headed out on route 6 (north) towards Kawarau Bridge (circa 1880) – the home of bungee jumping. No, we didn't jump. Although it was tempting, but at only 43m it looked to be over so quickly, we couldn't justify the $165, so we just watched. We decided that there was probably less than 10 seconds of 'free fall' before the elastic 'snapped' in (although the bungeers I heard said that there was no snap), and for an extra hundred dollars or so, you may as well jump out of a plane. So we'll do that instead.

We drove back to Wanaka on route 6 after that. Actually the drive reminded us of the Ardeche. We drove alongside the river initially, which had cut a gorge through the rocky valley bottom, the water a beautiful jade green. Then the valley opened up, but was quite dry and barren, with vineyards along the way. At times there were heathers that lit up the wastelands in reds and purples.

The weather was mostly bright and cold. There were a few spots of rain, but they tended to make you look skyward and wonder where they'd come from it seemed so sunny.

We parked up in Luggate at just after 14.00 for a quick soup-lunch, and then drove into Wanaka, and back to Aspiring Campervan Park, and plot 9. It's good to be back!

We pottered around for a while, checked email (at last), had a shower, had a crumpet and then walked into town.

It was pretty windy along side the lake. We spent a bit of time watching a family of ducks as the ducklings tried to decide whether today was the day they should take to water, but it was so windy the waves were coming in about 5 times higher than them. Ah bless.

Actually by the time we got there, most shops were shut. We bought a cd, desperate for a change from the 2 we've got, and spent a bit of time mooching in the bookshop. Then we started back, stopped for a beer on the way in the Reef, and had a nice chat with the aussie owners in there.

It's 20.00 now and I've got 3 days of journal to catch up on (2 now) and Nick's making Risotto.

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