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Our campground

Charleston harbor(private boats)

Can you see the gull in flight?

Low tide ocean blue

Look for smoothness in the rock from water swirling

The deep blue sea

Pacific moss

Picnic on a cliff over the Pacific

Oyster shells

Thanks to CG Wally, I'm beginning to generally understanding the weather process along the West coast. The ocean temps remain fairly constant year round. The land mass is warm with no buffer to absorb the ocean forces. Consequently, fog encroaches which lends to a mystic beauty. Mid afternoon the sun is visible and remains until sunset. Charleston faces the Pacific Ocean; bordered on one side by the harbour; perpendicular to the bay. Now, it's your turn to look up the geography! The inland waterways are well protected by Coos Bay. Several towns and communities make up this area. It is easy to drive from one to another without differentiating where one is. We started off with gumbo and chowder at Portside Restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised with the spicy taste of the gumbo. This was loaded with clams(in shells), white fish, prawns, scallops over a bed of rice. Somewhat different from the traditional Southern version of gumbo. As luck would have it, retired Wildlife and Fishery folks were at Simpson Reef. With telescopes set up we had a bird's eye view of a bald eagle, a crooked neck black something, and the sea lions. That was the longest look at an eagle we've ever experienced! He/she sat perched watching on a pointed rock. We followed this with a short walk. Just across from the ocean side a forest of conifers stands. The foliage was lush and green complete with sturdy ferns and delicate moss. While getting gas, I spied a cranberry candy company. Across the street I walked. Sure enough, the candy making can be viewed from the store. There are ample sampling dishes! Nearby in Bandon we passed cranberry bogs. Now the correlation comes together. For the chocolate lovers they definitely have homemade chocolates! We're in for the night and supper's in the crock pot. See you later!

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