USA Tour ,and on, with Steve, Shirley, and Frances 2008 travel blog

Atlanta, Georgia State House

Statue atop capitol building--looks like Liberty

The Greek godesses are here too!

We made Atlanta, Georgia by 9:30pm. One of the issues we ran across in this region is a gas shortage. There are lines at stations and some are closed because they have no gas. YHVH has taken care of us with enough gas to get to a truck stop further away that had enough so there was no problem, but we are reading that there are sporatic shortages even into the Nashville, Tennessee area. Pray for us that this won't hold us up.

Atlanta capitol building had more evidence of the open wounds of the Civil War still not healed. There is a statue to Jimmy Carter which I find to be personally offensive with his anti semite stance in his foreign policy. I believe that he is one of the chief players that have brought the US to the place of judgement that we are beginning to see today. We can not lay the blame on one individual, he was just a leadership figure that contributed to formalizing the choices that the US has made. His own writings reveal his anti semite views so I don't have to lay a case out against him.

From Atlanta we headed south a bit and found a Wal-Mart to stay in so we can be out of city traffic in the morning and head south to Florida and visit Shirley's Dad for a couple of days. Onward!

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