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5am on the Jeep in Kruger Park. Looks warm doesn't it!!!

Em dressed clever this morning. I didn't. Tired eyes man!!!

A buffallo with a centre parting.

Hungry Hungry Hippos....probably.

Sunrise under the morning mist in Kruger

Rhino you're in there!!!

The Aviators really compliment the look Em was going for.

Kruger off into the misty distance...

Monkeys in a tree!

Mornin!! The most chilled out monkey we saw. All he needed was...

The Jeep we Safaried in

Brecko served by Christoph the Crazy Frog (on the right)!

We were awoken at 5am this morning so we could have a couple of hours more 'safari-ing' before we left Kruger camp after breakfast.

Funnily enough it was F-ing freezing again this morning, but we were prepared properly today!! We'll Em was anyway!!!

We didn't see too much more/different this morning - mainly monkeys, a rhino, hippos bathing, and about another million impalas!!!

We had breakfast at the camp and then we got a lift home to Nelspruit by Christoph (the French nutnut!!).

Again very tired and not really in the mood for the 'crazy frog' however he wasn't ever going to just be quite and drive us home so we kinda had to listen really!!!

A few more comically shocking stories in and then he got to one about when the Director of the film "Blood Diamond" visited South Africa.

Aparently he went on this safari and got chatting to Christoph about the main charachter being a Mercinary however the Director didn't know any. Guess what, yes Christoph has also been a mercinary in a previous life and so chatted to the Director all night about his past etc. So 'aparently' and this is a BIG aparently, Leonardo Di Caprio's charachter in the film is based on Christoph, and even his name 'Archer' is 'aparently' Christophs' surname. Christoph Archer doesn't sound very French does it!!?!?!

Annnnyway, whether any of his stories are true or not, Christoph was a complete fruit loop but a ledgend.

It was a wicked safari with really cool people running it and the perfect way to say goodbye to South Africa.

This afternoon we took our last trip on the BAZBUS (5 hours) up to Jo'berg ready for our flight in the morning.

As the hostel we will be staying in is called Airport Backpackers we hope it's quite close!!


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