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Another Roadside Attraction, near Zion

Kolob Canyon

Excalibur, Las vegas...nearly stayed here

New York, New York - one of the newer places in Vegas

Palazzo, Las Vegas

The 500' Stratosphere, where insane people can dangle from the top

Treasure Island, another place we nearly stayed

Paris, just South of us along the Strip

More of Paris

In the Harley Davidson Cafe

Just the ride for the well-dressed Brit in Vegas...

Speaks for itself....

A poker table in Shea's Casino

You can bump into all sorts in Vegas...

The Palazzo at night, just North of us along the Strip

Some of my Las Vegas winnings!

What happens if you stay too long...

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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'Tom Jones' entertaining the afternoon check-in queue in our casino hotel...

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So up and off, for our last bit of Zion. This whole area - known as the Great Circle, presumably as it goes around the Grand Canyon - is kind of interesting geologically. There are several geological ages in the rock across this vast area, all tilted so that the bottom of Bryce is the same as the top of Zion, the bottom of Zion is the same as the Grand Canyon, etc.

So first we went to see Kolob Canyon, a nearby part of Zion Park, basically a big red canyon, and quite attractive. And then we (i.e. me, E isn't insured) drive to Las Vegas. We're booked into a casino (the Imperial Palace) slap bang in the middle of the 'Strip' where many of the main casinos are. Our casino is both a hotel with mucho rooms - they give you a map to get around the place - and a casino with all the stuff that you would expect a la movies, including dealers who look like the Blues Brothers and stop to sing songs occasionally. And even someone doing a Tom Jones act in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of the poker tables. Strangely, the hotel reception here and in many places we saw is right amongst the casino gambling action. Las Vegas is generally crowded, noisy, bizarre, and very exciting and stimulating! If there was ever a place that Al Qaeda and the American fundamentalists should be joining up to wipe off the face of the earth, it is Las Vegas. Babylon! (Said in Rasta accent).

So basically we wandered up and down the Strip, taking pics and being touristy. We had a drink in the Harley Davidson Cafe, complete with vintage Harleys slowly parading across the ceiling, wandered through various casinos, and then went back to base, gearing up for the evening. The evening involved doing much the same thing as we did in the afternoon, though Vegas looked even better all lit up. It was even more crowded, and very unusually for American Cities, lots and lots of people walking around. We saw the 'volcano' outside the Mirage a couple of times, and were in the crowd for the Pirate Battle at Treasure Island (wheree we nearly stayed), but that was cancelled. We drunk in various casinos and bars on the way, saw various bits of live music, and even did some actual gambling.

As you can imagine there were thousands of gamblers doing their stuff, mostly on machines, and I have to say they were generally an unhappy looking lot. Most of the games looked too serious for cheapskate lightweight amateurs like us, and most of the slot machines were intimidatingly complicated compared to what I know how to play. But nevertheless I played poker on and off over a couple of hours and managed to end up drawing even by the end of it all and quite enjoying myself, so all in all good fun. Las Vegas is definitely an experience to be had!

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